The actress Fernanda Salomón was in Espacio Canal C with the host Ivi Merlo, telling all the details of the work “Laughter is Worldwide”a show in which he joined as the protagonist in mid-February and is a guarantee of absolute fun.

This number can be enjoyed on Mondays at the Teatro Bar at 11:30 p.m.; and at the Teatro Acuario on Tuesday at 00:30, and Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30. “It is a musical comedy show for the whole family, with very healthy humor, with double meanings and mischief without being vulgar”, Fernando points out. The show features the participation of Gabriel Zalazar, Fátima Brener, Daniela Soto, Rodrigo Navarro, Syndel Winss, Javier Rufino and Kherla Key.

“I was free again, to play, to enjoy. I thank the production of L10, who are pampering us all the time”highlights the actress. “When they applaud us standing up, I get a lump in my throat, I already cried”he pointed out, while stressing the importance of generating a pleasant moment and with an important message for his viewers: “I want people to leave with a message of positivity and resilience.”

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Fernanda also told how her start in the world of art was, moving away from her basic profession which was teaching at the Carbó school in Córdoba Capital, her close relationship with Beatriz Salomón from whom she was inspired to take the artistic last name and make her way, being a trans person, in a field that little by little was welcoming dissent.

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