It was confirmed that as of this Thursday, March 23, the new norm established by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas) in October 2022, which requires vehicles that run on CNG bring an extra safety valve to the one previously in force.

Who must carry out the “mandatory hydraulic test” must replace the tube valve with a new part called “electrically operated cylinder lock valve”. Currently 15% of the vehicles that circulate in Córdoba work with this fuel. The regulations apply for the moment for users who, from this date onwards, must perform the hydraulic test of the gas charging cylinders again, but it does not apply to those who must carry out the annual renewal review of the same.

Marcelo Zanonipresident of the CNG Chamber of the Interior of the country, indicated that there is no substantial change in this element. “The valve is exactly the same as the previous one”, defined. He also specified that the regulatory valve that he governed up to now had a limit risk of 250 °, and the one that was annexed now supports up to 100 ° when in reality the cylinder is at risk at 350 °. charges considers that the new generates greater security.