In the middle of their trip to Iceland, a couple had a romantic moment. After taking a photo with a wonderful background, the boy knelt before his girlfriend to ask her to marry him.

The timing was going to be perfect: another complicit person knew what was about to happen and set out to film the entire sequence. However, just as the young man got down on one of his knees, a very curious tourist practically stood in the middle of both of them to film the mountains in the background. The person filming even tries to avoid the intruder and moves the focus, but it is impossible not to remain in the film.

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Everything was recorded in a video that the fiancée, Jordan Elizabeth, uploaded to her profile on the Tik Tok social network (@jordanemcgowan), which garnered more than 505,000 views and where she wrote: “I honestly find it funny. There was no damage, it’s fun to watch.”

Watch the video here: