Today a section of the Route 5 highway was enabled, which is 3 kilometers long and connects Alta Gracia with Villa Ciudad América. It has two lanes per direction of movement and a return located at the second entrance to La Rancherita. The governor said that this work will give more development possibilities to the region.

Schiaretti also stressed that the highway will be completely finished before the end of the year, with more than 60 percent of the work done. As the sections are completed, they will be made available to the public. Meanwhile, Carlos Guzmán, community chief of La Serranita, thanked the governor for the work: “It is a joy for our town and for the entire Santa María department. Because this contributes to the growth of tourism, of families, so that they can expand, have good services and can communicate easily”.

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The total construction of this highway will require an investment of 8,500 million pesos and will be carried out along 27.8 kilometers. In the four sections, hydraulic works, lighting and placement of defenses will be carried out for the road safety of motorists.