In social networks there are many people aware of what happens in Big Brother beyond what is seen on the Telefe screen, since through the Pluto TV platform you can watch the reality show throughout the day. Just as days ago there were users who captured the sayings of Walter “Alfa” Santiago about Alberto Fernández and the controversial attitude of Thiago Medina towards Agustín Guardis, now a fragment in which Lucila “La Tora” Villar broke the regulation went viral.

Despite the fact that, like the rest of her classmates, she had to read the rules of the reality show before entering the most famous house in the country, the young woman from Berazategui took out the microphone to say something in Juan Reverdito’s ear. who was lying in the men’s room.

It should be remembered that participants can only do without individual microphones when they are in the pool, in the shower or when sleeping, but in no way can they take it off to talk to another. Taking into account the background of Juan, who was part of a plot with Martina Stewart Usher -the second eliminated from the reality show- and Nacho Castañares, his attitude made many fans of the program ask for his sanction.