A physics professor from the United States went viral on social media for his unusual teaching methods that included demonstrations with fire, ice cream, and even a skateboard. David Wright, is the name of the professor who practices his profession in the State of Virginia, there he gave his students various lessons on his subject. One of his students recorded each of his classes, and the video caused a furor on the networks.

In the recordings you can see some demonstrations of the man explaining and showing his students how to lie on a bed of nails, make homemade explosions, walk in a cuplipatin in the corridors of the school or jump on a jumping stick.

The man of more than seventy years, has managed to win the hearts of his students and get many of them interested in the study of physics, a subject that is usually quite complicated for some.

Although the images have gone viral again in recent days, the video was recorded in 2019. At that time, it had more than 30 million views on Twitter, one and a half million “likes” and 450,000 retweets.

Watch the video here: