Jujuy was one of the three provinces that this Sunday, May 7, had a vote to renew the positions of governor, lieutenant governor, and the members of the unicameral Legislature, which has 48 seats and is renewed by halves, every 2 years. With a big difference in votes, Carlos Sadir, the candidate of the ruling party Gerardo Morales (UCR) won the election with almost 50% of the votes.

In this regard, Sadir said that the result was a “ratification of our management” to what “we have been working with Gerardo Morales since 2015. These are seven years of hard work and I think that people have prioritized this peace and order with which lives in Jujuy since 2015 along with a great management in the province”. The current Minister of Economy of Jujuy also claimed support for Morales to compete in the internal competition at the national level. We are working for Gerardo Morales. Radicalism has a great opportunity to have a leader as a candidate for president who is Gerardo Morales. We work for that”held.

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In dialogue with Eduardo Feinmann (Mitre), Sadir referred to the reform of the provincial Constitutional and denied that it is “to take away rights from anyone.” “We talk about respect for the rights of all Jujuy residents who do not participate or do not want to protest something”clarified Sadir, who remarked that “Anyone who makes a protest cannot cause problems for the rights of the rest of the people of Jujuy.” As indicated by the governor-elect, he also referred to another relevant aspect of the reform: the reduction of the mandates of officials. “With the current Constitution, the governor has two terms, but the mayors and legislators have no limit. The idea is to shorten the mandates”he clarified.