The madness for Leo Messi in the world is total, the man who breaks all the records is in the news every day for what he achieves in the football environment but also for what he generates in his fans. In the midst of the World Cup fever, which has been caused by Argentina reaching the World Cup final in Qatar, a Buenos Aires bodegón causes a furor for the milanesas that they prepare with the face of the Rosario star.

The place is called “El Antojo”, its owner was the one who decided to show through the social networks of the bodegón how they prepared this very particular milanesa. The man is from Paraguay, however, he affirms that the madness and love for the Scaloneta have made him a fervent fan of the albiceleste.

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At the moment the Milanese has not been put up for sale, the merchant assures that it costs a lot of time and work to put it together, and this would mean that he would have to sell it at a higher cost than that of a conventional Milanese. For this reason, he has decided that they will only do it as a form of tribute to the Argentine idol.

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