It is a cycle of workshops, reflection by students and adults, and a visual campaign that seeks impact with posters of significant phrases.

Within the framework of the International Day against bullying, the San José Parish Institute launches its project: My school without aggression, in this way, the Institution seeks to put this problem into discussion. The school, located in the Alto Alberdi neighborhood, has the purpose of “taking a position of firm rejection against bullying.”

My school without aggression

This May 2, the school is carrying out an intervention to “promote empathy, understanding the history of others and promote emotional education,” they said. Through the use of striking and impactful posters, the San José Parish Institute promotes awareness of the different ways in which bullying exists in educational settings.

The different spaces of the school such as the patio, the landings of the stairs, the bathrooms, surprise with phrases that challenge those who read them, whether they are students, teachers or non-teaching staff. The messages are aimed at those who are perpetrators, those who suffer harassment and those who perceive these situations at school.

Comprehensive work, committed responses

The project is comprehensive and aims, as stated in a statement, to involve the entire Educational Community from its role and functions. According to the project, the students will make their own declaration of values ​​and actions, making their commitment explicit and how they will carry it out in concrete proposals. For the San José Parish Institute, addressing the problem of bullying implies involving all members of the Educational Community, seeking that each member of the School is an agent of change in this reality.