The investigation into the deaths of babies at the Maternal Neonatal Hospital continues: in the last few hours, a conversation was made known by the former Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, with the former director of the hospital, Liliana Asís.

In that talk Cardozo and Asís would be acknowledging a malpractice action within the hospital. The conversation refers to one of the babies who passed away on April 23 of this year; it was published by the journalist Alejandra García Krizanec on the portal journalism for the people.

This would show that the former Minister of Health actually knew that deaths of dubious etiology occurred within the Neonatal for several months before they were reported in the press.

At the same time, it was learned that after the dismissal of Brenda Agüero’s defense attorney, Luis Obregón, the defendant’s new defense asked to postpone the investigation again. It should be remembered that Obregón, before the publication of the conversation between Asís and Cardozo, said that it was denoted that it was “malpractice” of the hospital staff and that therefore, the accusation against the nurse “was wrong.”

Read the conversation between the two former officials:

Diego Cardozo: Perfect. Do you know what afflicts me, Lili?

Liliana Asis: What?

Diego Cardozo: For example, that little boy who is born with a ruptured membrane several days old, yes?

Liliana Asis: Yes.

Diego Cardozo: We have not taken it as a boy who was born infected. It’s like we missed it, because he takes it like a healthy boy, gives it to his mother, he is born at 08:14, Lili. And at 10:30 the boy breaks down.

Liliana Asis: Yes.

Diego Cardozo: So let’s see, if you tell me what I’ve read, look, I’ve spent the whole weekend reading what are the main causes of early neonatal sepsis, and they put early rupture of the placenta, sorry, the early membrane rupture, mainly if it has had more than 18 hours of evolution.

Liliana Asis: Yes.

Diego Cardozo: So there it comes in, do you know what Lili? I’m telling you this between us.

Liliana Asis: Yes Yes.

Diego Cardozo: Enter that we ate a sepsis from a boy who was born septic, we did not realize it, we treated him like a healthy boy, we did not apply antibiotics, we did not apply anything and he decompensated.

Liliana Asis: No, what happens is that in this case, let’s see, if he decompensates later there is no reason to give him antibiotics right away, because he is a full-term boy and if the mother has a strep he is left for 48 hours for observation if he is at term . If he were premature, he would enter it, that’s the difference. But no one can foresee that the boy is going to decompensate, that is clearly the case.

Diego Cardozo: But within the spectrum, let’s say it’s possible.

Liliana Asis: Yes, for that reason, there is the possibility, one cannot deny, it cannot be so lightly that the boy is dying because of whose fault.

Diego Cardozo: Of course.

Liliana Asis: Nobody knows that.