The former leader of Viejas Locas e Intoxicados reappeared singing in a private show and generated strong controversy. Pity Álvarez, who was arrested in 2018 for a crime of homicide and who has been under treatment in a psychiatric center since 2021, sparked a wave of comments after a video of him singing went viral.

Although it was believed that the singer was hospitalized in a therapeutic center, he could be seen wearing gray jogging pants and a gym jacket singing with Los Notables del Oeste, a band from the Buenos Aires suburbs. More details about the show have not yet come out and the most intimate of the singer have chosen to remain silent so as not to generate more commotion.

The first public appearance of Pity Álvarez after the murder of Cristian Maximiliano Díaz, whom he shot in the middle of an argument, took place in December 2021 when he could be seen in a photograph with a fan on the street, after the It will go viral on social media.

A video of Pity Álvarez playing at a private event went viral • Canal C

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