Declared a National Park, inside you can take ecotourism tours, including bird watching as well as animals exclusive to the area, such as the Achala lizard or a characteristic breed of red fox.

The main protagonists are the condors. On the ravine that gives its name to the park, these huge birds install their nests and their private shelters, the best places to observe them are the North Balcony and the South Balcony.

multiple walks

The national park has various trails and circuits to enjoy walking at no cost. One of them is the North Balcony. This tour includes a 4-hour tour (round trip).

In turn, you can enjoy the South Balcony, only under the supervision of authorized guides. The circuit involves about 8 hours round trip.

Finally, there are two interpretive circuits of medium/low difficulty that are unmissable: Piedra Libre al Zorro and Secretos Bajo Nuestro Pies. The first has a total duration of two hours and 40 minutes, and the second, 45 minutes (round trip).

camp: Only allowed for organized excursions with guides from trekking enabled.

Geolocation: The entrance to the park is at km 59.5 of the RP34, on the way to Altas Cumbres, on a very sharp curve. Attention! If they arrived at the Hotel el Cóndor, they passed 6 km.

Public transport: The only public transport companies with a stop at the La Pampilla area –entrance to the Northeast area of ​​the PN– are: COATA and ERSA.

Night visits: from Monday to Sunday, ONLY hiring qualified guides.

Recommendations: have adequate footwear for the walk, bring water, sunscreen, hat, coat and food for the whole day.

APN access is gratuitous.