On its façade we find 49 statues that “guard” the entrance to the museum and that were made by hand by its founder, Santiago Bouchon. These represent scientists, artists, philosophers and mystics of all ages.

Within it there are about 55,000 pieces of different themes permanently exhibited, others in the deposit waiting to enter.

It is an ideal plan for the whole family and for all tastes and interests due to its versatility and variety. It is worth noting that the samples cross several disciplines, including: biology, physics, chemistry and the inorganic. Archeology and anthropology are added.

Among the most unusual pieces can be named: a mummy from Nazca, Peru, with more than 1200 years old; several Calchaquí funerary urns, with more than 1000 years. In turn, you can find a collection of 2000 minerals from America and the rest of the world, and one of 400 fossils from all eras.

Other highlights include a 1,000-year-old kiln-fired Tibetan horse and two 17th-century Persian rugs.

In addition, you can see a general store, a barber shop and a vintage dispensary.

Shall we visit it?