The World Cup in Qatar showed a story about which little was known in Argentina, the inhabitants of an Asian country have shown themselves to be fervent fans of the national team. Every match played by Lionel Scaloni’s team is a reason for them to gather in the streets in front of huge screens to watch the players compete.

In this context, an Argentine decided to create a Facebook community in support of the Bangladeshi Cricket team to return some of the love and support that they give to the Albiceleste team. More than 122,000 people joined this group, including Argentines and Bangladeshis, there they share stories, talk about the customs of each country, and the cultural exchange is immense.

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This is how it became known, through a video shared by a user from Bangladesh, that a friend of his lived an unusual moment on his wedding day. When they were in the middle of the ceremony, a group of friends entered the wedding dressed in the shirt of the Argentine national team.

Watch the video here: