Every September 4, in adherence to World Sexual Health Day, the Province Ministry of Health shares information on rights related to this issue and proposes a series of activities.

September 4 is World Sexual Health Day, a date that invites dialogue and thinking about the different aspects so that all people can enjoy their sexuality, in an informed manner, without discrimination or violence.

In adherence, the Family and General Medicine service of the Misericordia Hospital will offer different activities during the week.

On Monday the 5th, Wednesday the 7th and Friday the 9th of September, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., it will carry out a diagnostic expansion of sexually transmitted infections -STIs-, at the Hospital’s health post, located in its central hall.

On Wednesday 7, from 10, they will offer a workshop on STI prevention and rapid tests at the school for young people and adults “Alegría Now”, aimed at families who regularly participate in activities of that institution.

That same day, they will also provide school advice on the subject at the Hugo Wast school, in the Güemes neighborhood.

Meanwhile, on Friday, September 9, in conjunction with the Casa el Aljibe Puertas Abiertas -SeNAF Territorial, they will hold a meeting with women who attend this space.

For its part, the CAPS Parque de las Rosas, on Monday, September 5, will give talks on contraceptive methods and STIs at the Ipem Nº 2 República del Uruguay secondary school.

In addition, the Municipal Hospital of Oncativo will hold an ESI (Comprehensive Sexual Education) Workshop at the Emilio F. Olmos Elementary School on Thursday 8.