A major security problem that affected WhatsApp last week compromised the account of millions of Argentines. The data was auctioned on a hacker forum and contained the data of 487 million mobile phone numbers of users of the messaging platform. WhatsApp accounts correspond to users from 84 countries, including more than two million profiles from our country.

The information was released by cybernews, a portal specialized in cybersecurity and online fraud. Researchers contacted those responsible for the hack to request a sample of the data obtained. After that, an analysis of the content received was carried out and it was concluded that all the numbers included in the sample were real WhatsApp users.

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Leaked phone numbers could be used for marketing, spoofing, phishing campaigns, or other fraudulent actions. That is why users are recommended to be aware of any calls from unknown numbers and unsolicited messages that reach the cell phone. As well as: keep the antivirus updated, do not enter suspicious links and do not share sensitive information on social networks, such as usernames, passwords and credit card numbers.