A woman from Cosquín deceived a man who was harassing her 13-year-old daughter, posing as the minor, summoned him to set up a meeting, and together with other women beat him up. The man harassed and threatened the least through Whatsapp.

The mother pretended to be the teenager, waiting for the man in Plaza San Martín de Cosquín, when the 38-year-old man arrived at the corner of Salta and San Martín, the woman began to scream. “If it’s you guy, it’s you. Did you say you were going to kill me? Did you say you were going to kill me son of a bitch?

Immediately, several women who were in the place approached to help the woman, began to beat the man and the images went viral through social networks.

“You don’t touch women,” the women shouted as they beat the subject. According to the woman’s complaint, the man sent messages to her minor and threatened her saying that if she did not see him she was going to kill her entire family.

The man was detained in the mayor’s office of La Falda pending the resolution of the case.