an act of extreme cruelty happened in the city of La Plata, where a dog was brutally murdered.

India was found in appalling conditions, with knife cuts, a neck wound indicating a slit throat, and one leg amputated.

The owner India, a Weimaraner dog, had reported her missing after the animal escaped from her home around 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Concerned for his well-being, they carried out a search until they finally found his lifeless pet, lying in a corner and in a state of mutilation so horrendous that it generated disgust and consternation.

Faced with this cruel act of violence towards a defenseless animal, the young woman filed a criminal complaint. In addition, he asked the residents of the neighborhood or anyone who may have relevant information and who has witnessed something suspicious in the area to contact the police.

“I don’t know who can have such cruelty and poison in their hearts. What they did with India is unforgivable. They killed her, they dismembered her. It is pure evil, ”said Magalí, the owner of it, through social networks.

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