A 22-year-old second lieutenant of the Argentine Army died in the province of Corrientes after having participated in an initiation party, also known as a baptism, together with colleagues and chiefs of the Artillery Group No. 3 of Paso de los Libres.

On Sunday morning, the death of the second lieutenant was confirmed at the San José hospital in the town of Corrientes. Shortly before, he had been found unconscious in his room at the Officers’ Casino, where he was reported to have “very weak vital signs.” He died shortly after in hospital.

The circumstances of the event are still being investigated, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office is following the details provided by the local police doctor, Commissioner Mayor Carlos Vizcaíno, who point to a bronchial aspiration as the cause of the tragic end.

Through a statement, the Army notified that after making the tragic news known to his relatives, it made itself available to collaborate with the “pertinent administrative procedures and provide support and accompaniment to transfer the remains of his son.”

Controversial military initiation party: a young lieutenant died • Channel C