Benjamín and Macarena, a couple from Chaco who traveled to Buenos Aires to attend one of the ten shows that Coldplay would offer in that province, starred in a super romantic moment this weekend. In the middle of the recital and in front of the eyes of all those present, Benjamin took advantage of the magical moment that had been created when the band sang the song Yellow, he knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend.

The video of the proposal moved everyone on social media. It was Benjamin himself who uploaded the clip and wrote a few words with him for his future wife: “I have made the decision to marry you from the first day because you are the most beautiful and good thing in the universe”he expressed.

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Undoubtedly, the fact that this scene has become a unique moment also had to do with Macarena’s reaction when she saw her boyfriend kneeling with a ring, she was totally paralyzed. Apparently the young woman did not expect the marriage proposal but she did not hesitate for a second and she said yes. They both hugged each other and she could not contain her emotion at the applause of those around them.

Watch the video here: