Abigail King is a young woman from the United States who came to Córdoba five years ago to learn the Spanish language. To everyone’s surprise, including hers, she learned her language so well that she even adopted the Cordovan accent in such a natural way that it surprises everyone on social networks.

“I came to Argentina because I wanted to learn Spanish and I ended up learning Cordovan. I was studying in the United States and they offered me three destinations to do an exchange: Córdoba, El Salvador and Spain”, the young woman recalled. Regarding the decision to come to the country, she explained: “I saw the list and said I am going to Córdoba, although I did not know anything about how it was going to be nor did I investigate. I came and loved it. From the beginning I felt at home, very comfortable, that I had found my place in the world”.

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The video of the young woman was shared on Twitter through the account @cordobeseanding was in charge of sharing it and caused a furor among the users of the little bird’s social network. The video has already harvested more than 45 thousand likes. “I go crazy with this Yankee who came to live in Argentina to perfect her Spanish, she fell to Córdoba and now she is ‘the mole'”, they wrote from the Twitter account accompanying Abigail’s video.

Watch the video here: