About Us

Hitchhike TV (also known as HTV) is a news website founded by Shivam Bangwal. Originating as community news channel Briz 31, the service became available on 28 February 2017 as the station’s terrestrial broadcasting went offline but started serving news through their website to the viewers.

Hitchhike.tv is a global news platform, which serves news content in English language. Founded in 2018, it’s mission is to provide latest news and information to the people.

Hitchhike.tv was started with the sole intention of serving the larger online community of users in World -English speaking users. By 2022, India will have 1 million English users. We identified this online opportunity well before anybody else did.

Breaking News, Views and Features on various national issues and politician developments. From international affairs to local happenings. It features the latest news, in the form of text, pictures and videos. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. The website provides updates on national news, international, sports, business, politics, entertainment, science, etc.

Having over 10 million monthly active users, hitchhike offers updates and news. A team of writers work in a committed manner to bring out the news updates to the readers. It serves several unique and useful videos for its audience in their language.

Our content (text, image, video) is available on the web, mobile web and social media.

Our Vision
We aim at delivering the most up-to-date and sought-after news, adhering to the principle of broadcasting only that which is authentic. We strive towards conveying the latest happenings deemed newsworthy from a broad array of domains in the most precise, articulate, and factual manner as possible. We provide comprehensive information on the latest breakthroughs in the healthcare sector, latest technology and gadgets across the IT industry, recent developments in the chemicals domain, and world news related to business and politics.