The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of Córdoba, Eduardo Accastello, requested a urgent hearing with the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development of the Nation, Ignatius of Mendigurenin order to manage before the National Secretary of Commerce a response to the repeated requests of numerous Cordovan industries that see their production lines affected by the obstacles to the importation of essential inputs for the production processes.

Last September, Accastello had led a committee made up of representatives of the industrial sectors of Córdoba, who held meetings with authorities from the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and the Secretariat of Industry and Productive Development of the Nation, in order to facilitate the generation of spaces of dialogue.

At that time, the national authorities had promised to open a linkage channel with said Secretariat of the National Government to seek concrete solutions to the import problems of the Cordovan industrial sectors, prioritizing them and establishing agile mechanisms to sustain the activity and promote exports.

Referring to this worrying issue for Cordoba production, he pointed out that “Currently, the situation of many SMEs in Cordoba is highly complicated, because the stocks of imported inputs necessary for production have been exhausted and they depend on the discretionary approval of an official to be able to buy imported goods that are going to be transformed into other exportable goods”.

“As it happens with the agricultural machinery industry, the automotive industry, and the health industry that have been paralyzed due to lack of components, to which is added the high increase in interest rates,” indicated the minister and stated that beyond being able to circumvent the situation, “Once the stock is finished, an impact is perceived in all productive sectors and in the different value chains, something that did not even happen in the pandemic.”

Accastello emphasized that although the underlying problem is the lack of dollars, it is necessary to define policies that give priority to SMEs and Argentine industries, which are the ones that produce and generate foreign currency, “That is why we accompany the Cordovan companies in this demand that they send us permanently to safeguard their production and jobs.”