Carlos Melconianformer president of Banco Nación and current president of the Ieral of the Mediterranean Foundation spoke about the president’s decision Alberto Fernandez of not complying with the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice and the provision to restore to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) the funds that the national government took from it in September 2020 to transfer them to the government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

“This is as if in the penalty that the Pole took and Mbappé kicked, the Executive Committee of the AFA invades the field, ignores the ruling and does not allow kicking,” he compared.

“When you go to school, they teach you the Anthem, Aurora and that there are 3 independent powers and one of them is to take care of the National Constitution. What happened is very serious. One says in Argentina that democracy failed to give society an economic solution, but the rest works extraordinarily. Nobody knows the name of the head of the Army. That is an exceptional triumph of democracy. But what happened now is unprecedented. Regarding the economic impact, one button is enough to show: the silence of the Minister of Economy”, said Melconian.