The Córdoba Center for Storekeepers and Retailers published this Sunday the Economic and Social Report in which it indicates that in December there was an increase in prices of 5.37%. In 2022, this rise was 96.5%.

The Department of Statistics and Trends reported that the items with the most increases were Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (9.1%)Equipment and Home Maintenance (8.7%) and Clothing and Footwear (8.2%).

In addition, the price of the Total Basic Basket was located at $161,485 (what a typical family needs to not be poor). During 2022, it presented an increase of $79,096. On the other hand, a family needed $83,445 so as not to enter the line of indigence.

On another point, the report specifies that the 78% Of the Heads of Households consulted, during December of last year, more than 50% of the total family income was allocated to the purchase of food.

“Inflationary expectations for 2023 are no better than the year that has just ended; which will deepen the problems that Argentine society is going through, and among them the most painful: the increase in poverty and indigence rates”raises the text.

Source: Córdoba Center for Grocers and Retail Merchants

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