The Center for Grocers, Self-Services and Retail Merchants of Córdoba published this Wednesday the study called “Evolution of Prices – Decade 2012/2022”. The institution explained that the report “intends to graph in a practical and simple way, one of the causes of the sustained growth of poverty and indigence rates, every time essential basic goods increase their value exponentially”

The document addressed the year-by-year price evolution of the main Basic Food Basket products. Also, the indicators of the Total Basic Basket; the evolution of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary (SMVM); the movement of the value of the Minimum Retirement and the official dollar price.

The study, carried out by the Department of Statistics and Trends of the entity, indicated that in the period between May 2012 and May 2022, “it can be observed in the first instance that the 17 foods evaluated (main components of the Basic Food Basket) , suffered an average increase of 3,133 percent, as a result of the Argentine inflationary rhythm”.

Another relevant piece of information offered by the study of the Grocers Center refers to the evolution of the passage in the urban transport of Córdoba. Considering the decade May 2012 – May 2022, the ticket increased by 2,072 percent (it went from $3.20 to $69.50). Meanwhile, the minimum retirement had an increase in the analyzed period of 1,796 percent (from $1,684 to $31,930.80).

According to the Grocers Center, in 10 years the Basic Basket increased 3,133% • Channel C