According to the data from the report published at the request of the Ombudsman Mario Decara, in September 2022 the cost of the Basic Food Basket surveyed by INEDEP was $51,263.04.

While the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary for the same month was set at $51,200. In other words, 100.12% of the SMVM is needed for the reference household to ingest the minimum calories necessary to overcome the indigence line.

If the non-food goods and services that make up the Total Basic Food Basket are also considered, last September the cost was $115,854.46. In other words, the CBT represents 226.28% of the SMVM. These proportions were accentuated with respect to last year.

In September 2021, the CBA represented 90.59% of the SMVM. Regarding CBT, the proportion was also lower: 211.99%. In other words, between September 2021 and the same month of 2022, the CBA increased by 81.93%, and the CBT, by 75.71%; while the SMVM, 64.61%.


Source: Ombudsman of the Province of Córdoba