If the average Argentine is already thinking about how much money to spend to get together to watch a World Cup match with a barbecue in between, he is going to have to think about the costs of the classic Argentine dish. According to Mercado Norte, in October preparing a complete barbecue for ten people cost $10,890.

This is an average rise of 7.08 percent, considering beef cuts. Now, if you want to prepare it with beef, it will cost $13,898; with pork it will cost $11,390 and with chicken, $6,250. It should be noted that these prices include the cost of meat, coal, vegetables, eggs, drinks -with and without alcohol- and dessert -made up of ice cream or fruit-.

This is added to the increases that will come in December: the interurban will increase by 43%the tolls will do it by 33%and the bread (another ingredient of the roast) would reach $500 a kilo.

According to the roast index, preparing one for ten people costs almost $11,000 • Channel C