At 67, the famous American actor Ray Liotta passed away during the filming of the film Dangerous waters in the Dominican Republic. It happened while she was sleeping in the hotel where she was staying. The information was confirmed by her only daughter, Karsen, 24 years old. According to the authorities, the interpreter did not suffer a violent death.

Liotta was one of the most recognized protagonists in the movie “Good Boys” (Goodfellas), where he played a cocaine addict named Henry Hill. He was born on December 18, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. He lived in an orphanage for the first six months of his life until he was adopted. As a teenager he moved to New York and then moved to Los Angeles, pursuing his dream of being an actor.

The actor was the protagonist and co-star in many films of great fame and repercussion, such as Cop Land (1997), along with Sylvester Stallone; Hannibal (2001), with Anthony Hopkins; Heartbreakers (2001), with Sigourney Weaver; either Blow (2001), along with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. There are four decades of irregular career where he leaves a hundred films.

Social networks sadly said goodbye to Ray Liotta, who was a long way from retiring from his career.

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