During the development of the seventeenth ordinary session, the adhesion of the Province of Córdoba to National Law No. 27,621 was approved, with the aim of establishing the right to comprehensive environmental education as a public policy. The initiative was promoted by legislator Sara García in conjunction with the Secretary of the Environment.

The law establishes the creation of the Committee for the Executive Coordination of the Comprehensive Environmental Education Jurisdictional Strategy, which will be in charge of promoting the strategies and development of environmental education. It must also develop and design policies and actions on the matter.

In the session, the legislator Sara García, president of the Education Commission, expressed: “As a teacher and legislator, I am happy to collaborate in adding central content to the curricula of our students, which implies broadening the horizons of the right to education in our province.” And she added: “It must be a regular and continuous process, starting at an early age in order to form responsible environmental citizens.”