After more than a year of sustained success in the city of Buenos Aires, Adrián Suar, Diego Peretti and the cast will arrive in Córdoba with the play immature to appear in Plaza de la Música next Thursday, May 18 at 8:30 p.m.

immaturestarring the two Argentine actors, tells the story of The fi (Adrian Suar) and noodle (Diego Peretti), who are lifelong friends. The differences between the two are noticeable from the outset: the first is a separate publicist, who has a son that he hardly ever sees, and who usually escapes affective commitments. The second, on the contrary, is a psychiatrist who was married for more than 25 years to his first girlfriend, and has very conservative and somewhat old customs. Shortly after her separation, Peretti’s character meets Alfi in order to get over his ex-wife and find a new love. So, the publicist puts together a plan for Fideo to meet new women and leave behind his melancholy and depression.

Until March 31, the prices according to the different locations are the following:

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