The movie 30 nights with my ex, starring Adrián Suar and Pilar Gamboa, was the most watched premiere of the week, with 179,255 tickets sold throughout the country.

In this framework, the protagonists infiltrated the public on Monday night. When the lights in the room came on and everyone turned to the cry of one of the spectators: “It’s Adrián Suar!”

“I personally always come to the cinema to see this, which is beautiful, that they come to see the film, that they support Argentine cinema, which is so important. The love they put into the film for us is beautiful, to see what happens to them, how they laugh, how they get excited”, Suar explained.

For her part, Pilar Gamboa, who was in the room with her second daughter, said: “Thank you for coming, it’s really nice to hear the laughter and see them, it’s spectacular.”