Three years after her separation from Ricardo García, who was her great love and companion for more than three decades, Adriana Aguirre fell in love again. “He is 25 years old. His name is Francisco, but I call him Paquito or Paquirri. He calls me Adri or Adru,” the vedette revealed on La noche del Nueve. And her statement sparked rumors of a romance with Paco Amoroso, a 28-year-old trap singer whom she met in the recording of the video clip for the song Paga Dios.

Beyond the stir that was generated in the networks and the winks that he exchanged with the singer whose real name is Ulysses Warrior, Adriana plays the mystery. “I simply said Paco and everyone associated him with Paco Amoroso, but there are many Pacos. Whether it has to do with it or not, I leave it to your discretion. But we are really very good, happy,” he stressed. And she told how love arose: “We met working months ago, our relationship was not instantaneous. Shortly after, we communicated on Instagram.”

In addition, she responded to those who criticize her for the age difference she has with her new partner. “It’s the first time I’ve dated a man younger than me. When it’s the other way around, society approves and applauds it. I want to believe that we’re in an equal society and this should be taken equally. Criticism shouldn’t be like that.” “, he reflected.

But, contrary to the questions she receives, Aguirre feels fulfilled. “The most important thing is love and being in love. Love has no age, that’s what I consider and feel right now. I’m very happy. I’ve had very hard, ugly times, I was more than a year and a half bedridden without being able to walk. I rehabilitated myself to the fullest and that’s how I am: temperamental, vehement, sanguine and passionate,” he said.