After the increase in coronavirus cases registered in recent weeks throughout the country, the Ministry of Health of Córdoba gave care recommendations for people with symptoms or confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19, and for those who are close contacts of positive cases.


The current testing strategy for Covid-19 focuses on people with symptoms Priority is given to those who meet the following criteria:

  1. People older than 50 years.
  2. people presenting comorbidities such as heart, lung, and kidney diseases, cancer patients, people with disabilities, people with diabetes, obesity, and transplant recipients.
  3. People pregnant and puerperal.
  4. Special populations: health personnel, residents or workers of closed institutions (prisons, nursing homes, etc.), workers who provide assistance to vulnerable people

The tests are available in public and private health centers in the Provinceand are always indicated within the framework of a medical consultation.

People with symptoms or with a confirmed diagnosis

People with two or more symptoms should self-isolate and seek medical advice. If before the clinical evaluation the test is indicated and the result is positivethe behavior to follow is:

  1. maintain isolation for at least five days or up to 24 hours after the end of symptoms.
  2. Not attend to work, educational, social activities or public places.

This also applies to those who present respiratory symptoms, even if they do not have etiological confirmation (test or self-test).

close contacts

As for those who kept close contact with a positive case and has no symptomsisolation is not necessary, but the following is recommended:

  1. Wear a mask for at least five days and avoid closed places, as well as take extreme care measures: avoid contact with people who present risk factors, ventilate environments and wash hands frequently.
  2. perform a symptom self-monitoring and, if they appear, make a medical consultation, not attend work or social activities.

How to comply with isolation

The isolation is done by remaining at home, without going out to work or to social events, making purchases, or receiving visitors. It is also necessary to be located in a separate place from the rest of the cohabitants, not to share a bedroom, bed, pillows, towels, dishes, glasses, cutlery or mate.

All meals must be taken inside the room where isolation is fulfilled. Gloves and chinstraps should be used, and cutlery should be designated only for the infected person and washed with detergent and hot water.

If the person needs to leave the room where the isolation is being carried out, the use of chinstrap. Also, it is important to disinfect all surfaces in the bathroom that you share with the rest of the family. When taking out the garbage, place it in a double bag and spray it with diluted bleach or 70% alcohol.

Vaccination for Covid-19

The main measure to avoid serious disease is complete vaccination schemes. Currently, up to the third booster is available for people over 18 years of age, provided that 120 or more days have passed since the application of the last dose.

People who have contracted the virus should wait at least 15 days since his medical discharge to get a new dose.