During an act in Pilar, the pre-candidate for president of the ruling party, Sergio Massa, reaffirmed his commitment to fulfill the commitments with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and expressed his desire to pay the organization to withdraw from Argentina. In addition, he criticized the opposition for seeking to “implode” the country without considering the consequences for the population.

Accompanied by Mayor Federico Achával, Massa visited Derqui for the inauguration of the “Lionel Messi” club and gave a speech surrounded by children from the area. In his speech, he questioned the opposition’s lack of support for the initiatives of the ruling party and its blockade in Congress. He also pointed out the differences in the educational vision, noting that some opponents consider that the children of workers cannot access the university and that public university education should be paid for.

The stories of Sergio Massa

The candidate recognized the challenges inherited by the current administration, referring to the agreement signed with the IMF in 2018 during Mauricio Macri’s term, which he considered compromised the country’s sovereignty. Regarding the current negotiations with the IMF, he affirmed that the objective was to discuss on an equal footing to defend Argentina’s interests. In addition, he mentioned the need to increase exports, promote Argentine work in the world and accumulate reserves to pay the debt with the IMF and thus achieve his departure from the country.

Massa stressed his commitment to sovereignty and the choice of a development project from Argentina, without depending on external opinions. He also made reference to the distrust and hopelessness that have been generated in some sectors of the population and promised to change the perception that effort is unrewarded and that only the astute are successful in the country. Instead, he affirmed his intention to build a country with incentives and punishments, where work is valued and actions outside the law are sanctioned.

The candidate took the opportunity to criticize those who promote hate and called to defend Argentina based on work. Addressing those who seek to “implode” everything, he reminded them that doing so would affect all Argentines. Massa called to rebuild and fix the country jointly, working hand in hand with mayors, governors and every citizen.

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