The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) criminally denounced Susana Giménez for alleged tax evasion, accusing her of omitting a 2019 affidavit to not pay Personal Assets. So the actress’s fine is 50 million pesos, but for fines and interest she could reach 300 million pesos.

Meanwhile, the television host rejected the accusations and explained that there was “no misleading statement or malicious concealment, much less defrauded the Treasury.”

In addition, the actress requested an injunction for a declaratory action of unconstitutionality (JNCAF 10 – Expte 2254/21) for the increase in the rate of Personal Property of 2019, but the measure was rejected by the court first and then it was appealed.

Susana Giménez’s accountant and lawyer, Cesar Litvin, explained to Infobae that “from our point of view there is no crime, there is no fraud. But in addition, the Supreme Court has already said that when a tax is confiscatory, it affects the right to property. And that’s what happened in this case.”

From the collection entity they maintained that “given the background of the taxpayer, it is difficult for this to happen, with which the judge should proceed with the complaint, ask the Public Prosecutor’s Office to charge the accused and call her to testify.”