The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) advanced in the recovery of more than $800 million in debts accumulated by delinquent taxpayers, through embargoes on virtual wallets. As reported on Wednesday by the body led by Mercedes Marcó del Pont, Justice has already enabled 1,269 measures on digital assets of people who accumulated unpaid liabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the AFIP incorporated virtual wallets last February to the list of assets on which it can request the seizure lock in order to ensure the collection of accumulated unpaid obligations. This decision allowed the agency to expand its capacity to guarantee compliance with tax obligations.

Thus, over the last four months, courts across the country authorized 1,269 seizures for more than $800 million on virtual wallets.

In order to determine which accounts to apply for embargoes, the agency relies on the information regime that, as happens with financial entities, obliges companies in the sector to report information referring to their clients’ accounts.