A man shot another during a traffic argument outside the school. It all started earlier in the Villa Centenario neighborhood, where the school that both children attend is located. For a question of parking space, both subjects began to argue, and one would have said to the other “I know where you live.”

After that, in the San Martín neighborhood, the man to whom the threatening phrase was thrown answered the door of his house when the bell rang: it was the father of the school with whom he had argued earlier. Without saying many words, he shot her in the leg at the door of his house. Due to his injuries, he had to be transferred to the Emergency Hospital and received assistance; now he is out of danger.

Meanwhile, the aggressor escaped with at least one accomplice who was driving a Peugeot 307, which started a chase from the 911 cameras. The Police managed to intercept one of the Autodromo neighborhood suspects after getting out of the vehicle. The driver collided with a parked Toyota Etios and was pulled over. The other man who managed to escape from officers is still at large.

In a dialogue with Radio Mitre, the victim of the shooting lamented the events: “Now I have to change my son’s school because we are afraid, he came to kill me.”

Insecurity: Santa Isabel: mother and son shot by motorcycles