After a week in which they were on everyone’s lips for their supposed divorce, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi met again in Europe and undertook a family vacation, accompanied by Isabella and Francesca, the daughters they have in common. “I need to improve my tan, returning to Ibiza,” she announced in her networks, the blonde, who before passing through Argentina, she had been on the island with her sister Zaira and her family.

Both she and the soccer player shared several images in which they were seen to be happy, something very different from the image they had exposed days ago. Since, despite the fact that the media avoided confirming the separation in the different interviews he did in Buenos Aires, the audio that he had sent to one of his employees with whom he has a labor conflict and that went viral, spoke for itself. .

“Carmen, I came to Argentina because I’m doing Mauro’s divorce. I’ll stay a few more days and then I’ll come back and get you the ticket and everything you need. I’m organizing things for the divorce, because I can’t take it anymore and because I asked for a divorce”, she is heard saying to the new member of Who is the mask?, the new bet of Telefe.

While Wanda played the mystery, Icardi was in charge of denying her crisis with photos and videos that she posted on her Instagram profile. But Yanina Latorre, a friend of the media, revealed the background of the versions that she herself was in charge of installing. “It is a lie that she came to start the divorce proceedings, it is an invention of Wanda to the employee who wants to report her,” said the LAM panelist, referring to Carmen’s accusations, who assured that she was stranded in Europe and that the marriage did not pay his salary.

But once they got back together physically, the businesswoman and the Paris Saint-German player once lashed out at the press. “Stop inventing shit. The decision not to call was only technical. I was not absent for any personal problem, since I do not have them and I respected each training session,” the Rosario wrote, referring to the versions that ensured that his club did not I had summoned him.

Meanwhile, Nara posted a forceful message on her Twitter profile, addressed “to whom it may concern”: “I don’t think my marital status is important, I am a little more than the woman ‘of’, I have enough income to decide my life without depending on anyone. If I choose to be with whom I want to be, it is for the love of my family. That is worth much more than anything.”