Hours after the inflation of January (6%) was known, a new blow came to the pocket of the Argentines. And it is that Shell, one of the oil companies with service stations in the country, announced that it applied a 4% increase for its fuels throughout the country.

The measure was implemented within the framework of the agreement reached by the national government with the oil companies last November. This is one of the points that have been agreed in Fair Prices so that during January and February increases of 4% are registered, while for March it will drop a little and settle at 3.2%. Now it remains for the rest of the oil companies to join this increase that was agreed with the team of Sergio Massa.

According to the official statement of Raízen Argentina “this price update tries to minimally absorb the increases in the prices of biofuels, the increase in logistics costs, and the variation in the official exchange rate that affects the price of the raw materials that we use for the fuel production”

With this new increase, the liter of super gasoline remained at $194.70 in Córdoba capital.