After Romina Gaetani accused Facundo Arana of having behaved violently with her, the driver Maju Lozano supported the actress’s statements and recounted a violent situation that she had to live with the actor for an interview she had conducted.

After the strong repercussion that the conflict had in the entertainment world, several actresses decided to go out and bank the actor with some subtle messages. This was the case of the panelist Connie Ansaldi who used her Instagram account to dedicate an emotional post to Facundo Arana. “Having more than 20 years of your friendship is a privilege. They won’t tell me how you are. Nor what kind of human being dwells in the depths of your soul and heart. They are not going to tell me what battles you have fought for yourself or those you have won for others ”, can be read in the first lines.

And he continues: “Your whole life is a reflection of this. And if they expect you to be perfect, I hope they have that same rod to judge themselves, because the return of destiny usually charges dearly for those who sin as Just.” Added to Ansaldi’s post was the comment of the actress Sabrina Garciarena who with a simple message wanted to support what Connie had written: “Of course, Facundo, I love you friend.”

Now Mercedes Funes joined her, who uploaded a photo of her at her wedding dancing with the actor to her Instagram stories with a message of love and in a clear sign of support. “This photo reflects, dog, you are always there. In the most important moments, giving your best. I love you,” she wrote.