The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massawas present at the classic breakfast of the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR) in the province of Mendoza and announced a battery of measures for the sector, affected by the impact of frost and hail on the harvest. “We are going to provide a line of credit of 10 billion pesos”, he announced and also made available a differential dollar for the sector (“dollar came”) starting April 1st.

This measure seeks to guarantee care for “export competitiveness to recover markets, the ability for this new price to reach all producers so that it does not become useful for a few and that we all have the challenge to ensure that it is guaranteed, with good price, the supply of the internal market”, assured Massa.

“The weather is punishing us and more and more frequently, it has been taking away spaces to produce,there are almost 10,000 fewer vineyards throughout the country.We signed an agreement with Coviar to be proactive in the fight against climate change, alerted. And he added: “This year we expecta volume lower than 21% compared to last season, which was already low.Also, we are in34% below the levels of the last 10 years”.

In recent seasons, climatic vicissitudes wreaked havoc on wine production, which registered a drastic progressive drop in grape production between 2021 and 2022, a setback that would continue until 2023. In this regard, Massa asked that ” we have dimension of the difficulties that the sector faces” andpredicted a season in which wine producers will once again have a lower productive capacity.

Massa announced that from April there will be a special dollar to liquidate wine exports and said that the United States lifted the restrictions to import Argentine must. He said that “As of April 1, we are going to accompany a mechanism for regional economies, starting with viticulture.”

About the value of that new dollar, he pointed out that this month there will be a work table to define itwithout losing sight of three fundamental challenges: “to recover competitiveness, that the benefit reaches all the producers and that the price of wine for the Argentine table is not affected”.

The minister spoke about strengthening the competitiveness of the sector, which may include measures in the exchange rate, withholdings, taxes and promotion.

In this sense, Massa announced that it will expand“with more than 583 million pesos the support to the producers that suffer the climatic problems”. andindicated that the“crop credit program, with a credit line of 10,000 million pesos with a subsidized rate.”

“We will continue with the assistance to municipalities, we have delivered 540 million,” said Massa, who said that “we are starting up the irrigation system, to expand the area served, and we are bidding for the Luján Oeste system”-

He also announceda credit program for harvesting and hauling, in conjunction with the province of Mendozawith a line of 10 billion pesos, which is added to that of the last Harvest, with the particularity of offering a single payment at 300 days and a subsidized rate.

About the contingenciesThe minister promised “an additional 583 million pesos that are added to an additional 50 million that had already been incorporated in February” to assist the affected producers.

On the other hand, he highlighted BICE credits for producers, and a direct contribution from the municipalities of more than 500 million to help small producers. He highlighted, in particular, the “agreement with the United States that allows the lifting of the restrictions on the must.”

and announced thatThis Monday will be published the decree of the National Government that makes effective the contribution of 40 million dollars and an additional 10 million from the National State for the implementation of the Proviar II program.

Source: NA