After the controversy over the suspension of the Ulises show, after it emerged that the municipality had to pay 43 million pesos for the show to take place, the Córdoba Musicians’ Union issued a harsh statement. “While thousands of musicians continue to wait for the regulation of the ordinance that allows us to legally play in gastronomic places, while hundreds of others must wait months and circulate through the labyrinths of the municipal bureaucracy to collect bills of 9 thousand or 15 thousand pesos. Some officials municipal authorities continue to believe in spectacularity as the only management policy”.

From the Union they pointed to the policies applied from the municipality that only benefit artists already socially recognized, “millions of pesos are allocated in massive events for artists who do not need any diffusion and could well do their ventures privately and contribute to growth of the city with his work”.

And they added: “Officials continue to bet (and contribute) to the big businessmen who were not willing to regularize their workers and who to this day remain precarious, unregistered, without the right to get sick or access to retirement.”

After the suspension of the Ulises show, the Musicians' Union issued a harsh statement • Channel C