The candidate for governor for La Libertad Avanza Augustine Spaccesi broke the silence after a video of the current mayor of Córdoba and also a candidate for governor of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba went viral Martin Llaryora where he stated that he likes to debate with those who have new ideas.

In the brief fragment Llaryora expresses “Here the new phenomenon is the libertarians. In short, I like to debate with old ideas and those politicians who have failed in management, I like to debate with those who have new ideas and we can talk about different things. I proposed that you want to debate, come.”

After this Spaccesi affirmed “A few hours ago, a video was broadcast on social networks where the candidate Martín Llaryora mentions us libertarians, describing us as a space with which he would debate our new ideas. A few days ago, Luis Juez refused to debate because he only wanted a one-on-one with Llaryora, silencing the voices of the other nine candidates for governor.

The candidate for governor for Liberty Avanza assured that the people of Cordoba want diversity, plurality, future and freedom “We are ready to participate in a debate in any media. We are convinced that it is extremely important to put the new and the old on the table looks, along with the new and old politicians who have done so much damage. The people of Cordoba must have the possibility to listen to all the proposals in order to choose freely “he concluded.