In a new Big Brother elimination gala, Agustín Guardis became the eighth person to leave the house. The participant received more than 76% of negative votes and in this way, Marcos, Julieta, Romina and Nacho were left in competition.

“Frodo” had received a lot of criticism in recent days for attitudes that made his companions uncomfortable, in addition to ensuring that he had a “drive” with photos of women to extort them. This provoked the fury of some users, who branded the “strategist” as a stalker.

One of the key points for his elimination was when he spoke about Julieta Poggio: “At any time I face her, that’s it, my patience is running out. I was very respectful, too much. No, but she’s beautiful, stupid. I It’s hot that it’s like that… I wouldn’t be with someone like that as a couple, but yes to stay for a while. How cute. And if not, nothing happens. I send it to the plate and the shit… I take it out“, he told Alexis “Rabbit” Quiroga in recent days.

Now, Agustín will have to face the Big Brother analysts and the driver Santiago del Moro, and will have to explain his controversial sayings.