President Alberto Fernandez blamed the right wing and opposition economists on Tuesday for the record rise in foreign currency. Likewise, the president remarked that the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massais working fit”very consubstantiated” to overcome the economic situation.

The president explained from his account Twitter: “The right should think of Argentina, of those who live and work in this country, before their businesses and political interests.” In addition, he stated that the opposition “hurts the savings of Argentines and Argentines.”

Fernandez met this morning at the Pink House with his partner from Romania, klaus iohannis and led the signing of agreements with the aim of strengthening cooperation and relations between both countries. After the meeting, the leaders made a statement to the press.

In this context, the Argentine president pointed out against the opposition economists: “They have gone abroad to speak out against the popular governments and now they are doing it again, asking that they cut off our credit and that they demand more adjustments for the people. We have already experienced this history and we will overcome it again.”