The Government reported that President Alberto Fernández lost confidence in Victoria Donda “to continue leading the management of INADI” after his departure from the organization. This was reported by the Cabinet Secretary, in charge of Juan Manuel Olmos, through a statement in which she pointed out that the Executive official expressed the president’s decision “not to renew his intervention at the head of INADI.”

“It is necessary to clarify that the reasons transmitted in said conversation were the loss of confidence of the head of the Executive Power in the ability of Dr. Victoria Donda to continue leading the management of said body; reason for which the official made the decision to resign 48 hours before the end of his term,” they said.

The clarification arises after the critical statement from the former official in which she expressed her “end of cycle” in the Government and clarified that she is moving away “because she stopped listening where it was most due.”

“On the other hand, regarding the public criticism that the former official made of the national management headed by Dr. Alberto Fernández and that she joined since 12/10/2019, it is a right that assists her as every political militant and not there is no obligation to have a public office to carry them out,” concludes the letter from the Cabinet.

The appointment of the now former official expired this Saturday the 31st and as Olmos clarifies, the president decided not to renew it and appoint an authority permanently at the head of INADI.