At the height of the internal process of the Frente de Todos, and in the midst of his open confrontation with Kirchnerism over PASO, President Alberto Fernández assured that “the Frente de Todos is not made up of three or four leaders.”

After the speeches by Vice President Cristina Kirchner and Máximo Kirchner this weekend, Alberto Fernández said this Sunday that “nobody has done more for unity than me”although he ruled out that it was a response to the national deputy.

It should be clarified that CFK’s son accused the President of being “embarked on a personal adventure and putting on the face of a victim.” The president’s response was a quote from Perón: “When a colleague speaks ill of another colleague, he begins to stop being a Peronist”.

I never wanted to build Albertism because I don’t believe in personalisms. I am part of a project and they can tell me anything except that I am in a personal adventure,” said the head of state in dialogue with how do you see it (Futurock).

Fernandez assured that has “the decision that we win the elections in 2023”. “Then we discuss who is the best candidate,” she added. However, she again rejected the proposal to suspend the 2023 Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries. “The best way is through the PASO”he stressed.

“What I believe is a secondary issue, it is my opinion. The power to lift the PASO is not in my hands. It is a decision that Congress has to make, not me. Electoral issues are off-limits to the president,” the president later commented, adding that the approval of the original primary law in 2009 “was a great discovery for Cristina.”