This Thursday afternoon the President of the Nation Alberto Fernandez was present in the province of Catamarca within the framework of the National Land Plan where he led a housing handover ceremony.

In his speech, the president began the campaign for the next national elections; Fernandez expressed “In politics, not everything is the same. When it comes to voting, think that we have to follow the path that Perón and Eva taught us, that Néstor and Cristina followed, and now I follow.”

The president also showed his support for the current Minister of Economy and Presidential candidate of Union for the Homeland, Sergio Massa “I ask you not to forget because at the same time we built schools, hospitals, we put public health on its feet. When the time comes to vote, don’t forget, accompany Sergio at the national level because there is the future that Argentines deserve.”

In handing over the houses, the president pointed directly to the previous government of Together for El Cambio by former President Mauricio Macri “Some acted distracted and did not want to recognize that right, but the right to a decent roof is a right of all Argentines and the State must comply. Whoever preceded me built 14,000 homes in four years, many of them with UVA credits We don’t know if they solved it or if they complicated people’s lives”.