President Alberto Fernández summons the governors to the Casa Rosada to respond to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the City of Buenos Aires, in the claim it had for the cut in co-participation decided by the national Executive.

In this way, Alberto Fernández seeks to give a political message together with the provincial leaders after the Court ordered through a precautionary measure to deliver 2.95% of the mass of co-participating funds to the City.

According to the information available so far, the governors Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca) and Ricardo Quintela (La Rioja) confirmed their participation in the conclave, although the invitation was also extended by other leaders related to the ruling party.

After learning of the ruling, the governor of La Rioja expressed his discontent through social networks: “The ruling of the Supreme Court in favor of CABA in the claim for co-participation goes against federalism and is unconstitutional since the Federal Capital It’s not a province.”

“Ruling in favor of Larreta means less resources for the provinces and more resources for the richest city in Argentina that does not produce any good, it only provides economic, gastronomic and hotel services,” Quintela shot.

For his part, the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, affirmed that it is a “millionaire” ruling and shot: “The foundation? Read the Buenos Aires press:” Strong political triumph of Larreta “There are plenty of analyzes.”